Bavaria represents the energy drinks segment with its B52 brand.

B52 Energy Drink


B-52 is a golden coloured energy drink with taurine, high caffeine content and added vitamins. Golden colour, clear and carbonated. An aroma that is reminiscent of confectionery and overripe fruit, fruity and sweet. The flavour is predominantly sweet with a candied fruitiness, reminiscent of cherries and pineapple confectionery with hints of vanilla. There is a hint of sourness in between. Sweet and quick in the aftertaste.

Further flavour description

Energy drink with a clear distinct character. A clear, bright golden coloured energy drink with caffeine, taurine and added vitamins. Sweet, refreshing and bubbly with hints of vanilla, sugared pineapple and cherries. Mild acids provide a counterpoint and keep the flavours in balance. B52 is thirst-quenching, refreshing, sweet and full of energy.

Campaign description

A true energy drink with a distinct character. Beautifully clear and gold in colour. The taurine, caffeine, added vitamins and sugars give you the boost you need. Aroma and flavour pique your interest: deliciously fruity, deliciously sweet. The taste brings you sweet notes of cherries, pineapple and vanilla, the balance between sweet and sour produces a drink with bite. After just a few sips, you’ll be loaded with energy. An enjoyable way to refuel.

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Brief description

Energy drink with taurine, high caffeine content and added vitamins. Sweet fruit notes with hints of vanilla.

Description in key words

Energy drink, boost, taurine and caffeine, sugars, fruity flavours, vanilla, ripe fruit


Beer/soft drink type : energy drink

Alcohol percentage % : 0.0 vol.

Serving temperature : 3 degrees

Kcal/100 ml : 45

Aroma/Odour : Confectionery and overripe fruit

Flavour : Confectionery, tropical fruit, vanilla

Fermentation : Soft drink with added carbonation, no fermentation

Colour : golden coloured, EBC: 10

Clarity : clear

Bitterness : N/A

Texture : carbonated

Sweetness : 5/5

B52 Energy Drink